Emergency and medical care

Here, you will find some information to help you in emergency situations.

Dial 112 (SOS Alarm - Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade) when there is danger to life, property or the environment.

Give the SOS operator as much information as you can, tell them what has happened, be prepared to answer questions about the incident, the telephone number you are calling from, and the location.

If someone has been injured or taken ill, explain if they are unconscious or trapped, whether they are indoors or outdoors, who it concerns, their name, age, and sex.  If there is a fire, explain whether anyone is in danger, what is burning and the extent of the fire.

In addition, during an emergency, you can also reach a duty social worker, doctor, nurse, midwife, priest, or vet.

Information regarding a major incident

In emergency situations such as a catastrophe or a major accident occurring in Ludvika, the community authorities will immediately provide information on its website.

If the community management and the rescue services determine that extraordinary efforts are required, they summon the community management group who in turn cooperates with the POSOM group (Psychological and Social responsibilities group), along with the community administrative staff.

Families and relatives of victims can, via the community's website, get information regarding telephone numbers to call for more information.  A direct number to the POSOM group will also be available.

Information on the website will be continuously updated and available as long as the crisis situation remains.

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