Health and well being

At different times of our lives we need different types of help.  Here, you will find information on some of the services you can access in the municipality of Ludvika.

If you, a member of your family or a friend need help, advice or counseling there are a number of organisations and associations you can turn to, as well as Ludvika social services (Social- och utbildningförvaltningen) who provide a broad range of services to support individuals and families coping with difficult situations. You can find someone to talk to, someone who understands. 

Children and family

Emergency social services (Socialjouren) can be contacted by ringing 112.  
The Community Parent Education Program (COPE) which is run by Ludvika social services provides group parenting classes, offering support and training to help parents cope better in everyday situations. If you are thinking of adopting or are interested in fostering a child you can get advice and information by contacting 0240 860 00.

Alcohol and drug dependence

For confidential advice, counseling, and individual or group therapy for alcohol or drug dependence, you can contact Beroendeenheten (0240 868 87), (AA) Alcoholics Anonymous (070 271 82 24), Öppenvårdsprogrammet Lyran (0240 868 83), and Alkoholrådgivningen (0240 868 88) who also give advice and counseling for gambling addiction.

Domestic violence

If you have been assaulted or mistreated, or if you know someone who has, there are organizations that can help. Kvinnofridslinjen (020 50 50 50) is a national 24-hour helpline for women who are subjected to physical, psychological or sexual violence. Mansjour offer help and advice to men, and RFSL offers help and support for homo-, bi-, and trans-sexual people.  In Ludvika, if you are a girl or woman, you can contact Tjejjouren or Kvinnojouren. They offer a safe place to stay, provide telephone counseling, and help with contacting relevant authorities.  

Financial assistance

If you are in need of financial advice, debt counseling (råd och stöd), or assistance (socialbidrag) to cover reasonable living expenses you can contact Ludvika social services (social- och utbildningsförvaltningen).


In Sweden, most healthcare is provided in healthcare centres, where a variety of healthcare professionals and other staff work. You can choose whether you go to a public or private healthcare centre. Dalarna County Council (Region Dalarna External link, opens in new window.) is responsible for publically funded healthcare, medical care, and dental care in Ludvika and the suburbs. 

Interepreting services

If you get sick and visit a doctor or other healthcare professional it is important to make yourself understood and to understand what others are saying.  If you don´t speak Swedish, you can try to get help in interpreting from a friend or relative.  If this is not possible, you have the right to receive help from an interpreter, paid for by the government. Healthcare staff will help you find an interpreter, and it may be that another member of the healthcare team can help, as most have a good command of English.

Healthcare and social service

In need of help or support related to functional impairments or age? Contact the Healthcare and social services administration (Ludvika kommun, vård- och omsorgsförvaltningen). Phone 0240-860 00.

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