Living in Ludvika

Ludvika is a great place to live with its welcoming environment and rich cultural life. You will find everything you need close at hand – work, school, countryside, and a wide range of activities. Whether you want to live in the city centre or in one of the surrounding villages, you will find accommodation to meet your needs.

Vy över Ludvika.

Here, you will find some helpful information whether you are looking to rent, buy, or build. By clicking on the links you can access a list of useful contacts and additional information (in Swedish).


There are some nice apartment buildings and houses in the centre of town and in the surrounding villages, many of which are owned by LudvikaHem, External link. the municipal housing company, and others which are owned by private landlords (privata lägenhetsuthyrare).

Buying a house or apartment 

If you are interested in buying a house or apartment, please contact real estate agencies (mäklarfirmor), tenant-owned associations (bostadsrättsföreningar) and Ludvika kommun. You will also find properties for sale on
If you are thinking of buying a plot of land and building a new house, you can get advice and guidance from our property and planning unit. 

Temporary accommodation

You will find a good selection of hotels and hostels in Ludvika.  Please contact the Tourist Office External link. (Visit Dalarna) for more information.

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