Find like-minded people with the same interests

In Ludvika, it’s easy to find like-minded people with the same interests. Zeeshan Talib and Abhay Dubey can attest to that.

During the day, they work as engineers at Hitachi Energy. In their free time, they meet at the large grass field in Räfsnäs to play cricket.

Ludvika Cricket is one of several hundred associations in the municipality. What they all have in common is their welcome and unification of people from different backgrounds and from all over the world.

Whether you enjoy downhill skiing, playing football, mountain biking, kayaking, or practicing theatre, we dare to promise that you’ll quickly find your way into this warm community. Just like the members of Ludvika Cricket.

The fact that many consider their home ground to be one of the finest in Sweden certainly doesn’t hurt either. On a sunny summer day, the expansive view with Lake Haggen in the background is hard to beat.

Ludvika Cricketförening.

The entire family is welcome here. For us, sports and community life are a way to find your place and integrate into society.

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