Luxurious space

For Marye Van Der Kooi and Rens Alders, the move to Gräsberg outside Ludvika means they’ve acquired something truly unique: space.

Marye Van Der Kooi och Rens Alders, Gräsberg Ludvika

We continue to be surprised by all that one can do here. We enjoy the tranquillity, nature, and going running. Unlimited possibilities exist here.

Space is a luxury for those hailing from the Netherlands, where they could only dream of purchasing a large house surrounded by lush nature. Now they own that dream house. With a spacious plot of land, a greenhouse, and a bakery. They have the ability to go for a jog directly into the forest whenever they want, yet still be within cycling distance of the town centre.

Both of them had visited Sweden multiple times and had toyed with the idea of moving here. When they saw pictures and videos of the house in Gräsberg, they said: ”This is what we want!”

Apart from being their home, the house also accommodates their business, Brödladan – a bakery specializing in sourdough bread.
With their background, Marye and Rens naturally have a different perspective from those who grew up or have lived in Ludvika for a long time. They have the perspective of newcomers.

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